ISIP 2019

The 13th International Workshop on Information Search, Integration, and Personalization, 9-10 May, 2019, Heraklion


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ISIP 2019 – FORTH (Heraklion, Greece)


ISIP started as a series of Franco-Japanese workshops in 2003, and its first edition was placed under the auspices of the French embassy in Tokyo, which provided the financial support along with JSPS. The workshops have alternated so far between Japan and France, and they have attracted increasing interest from both countries.

Originally, the workshops were intended for a Franco-Japanese audience, with the occasional invitation of researchers from other countries as keynote speakers. The proceedings of each workshop were published informally, as a technical report of the hosting institution.

The original goal of the ISIP workshop series was to create close synergies between a selected group of researchers from the two countries; and indeed, several collaborations, joint publications, joint student supervisions and research projects originated by participants of the workshop.

The workshop series has now reached a mature state with an increasing number of researchers participating every year. As a result, starting in 2012, the workshop becomes international, and a number of selected papers will be published in the Springer series “Communications in Computer and Information Science” (CCIS), following a post workshop reviewing process.


Nowadays the research topics of science and technology are diversified and segmented into more and more categories. The number of interdisciplinary research topics has also increased. With increasingly sophisticated research in science and technology, there is a growing need for interdisciplinary and international availability, distribution and exchange of the latest research results, in organic forms, including not only research papers and multimedia documents, but also various tools developed for measurement, analysis, inference, design, planning, simulation, and production as well as the related large data sets. Similar needs are also growing for the interdisciplinary and international availability, distribution and exchange of ideas and works among artists, musicians, designers, architects, directors, and producers. These contents, including multimedia documents, application tools, and services are being accumulated on the Web, as well as in local and global databases, in a remarkable speed that we have never experienced with other kinds of publishing media. Large amounts of content are now already on the Web, waiting for their advanced personal and/or public reuse. We need new theories and technologies for the advanced information search, integration through interoperation, and personalization of Web content as well as database content. This workshop offers a forum for presenting original work and stimulating discussions and exchanges of ideas around these themes.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Data Quality
  • Social Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Information search in large data sets (databases, digital libraries, data warehouses)
  • Comparison of different information search technologies, approaches, and algorithms
  • Novel approaches to information search
  • Personalized information retrieval and personalized web search
  • (Big) Data Analytics
  • Integration of Web-services, Knowledge bases, Digital libraries
  • Federation of Smart Objects
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Visual and sensory information processing and analysis
  • Ontology-based Data Access, Integration, and Management
  • Provenance Tracking in the Context of Data Integration
  • Ontology Alignment, Instance Matching, Ontology Mapping
  • Data Mining
  • Privacy in the context of data integration

Special Topic

  • Information Search, Integration, and Personalization for Health



You can read the call for papers from here